Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Risk Management

The CaixaBank Group has an efficient risk governance, management and risk control, aligned with its business model, its stakeholders' expectations and international best practices.

The Board of Directors, the Senior Management and the rest of the Group are firmly committed to effective risk management.

Risk culture is a fundamental factor in the Group's decision-making and prudent business management. This culture, together with a suitable governance and organization, is based on risk policies and risk management systems as well as the skills of its workforce.

The Group has a strategic risk management system in place to identify, measure, monitor, control and report risks. This system is based on the following processes: Risk Assessment (identifying and assessing risk's profile, which is maintained at a moderated level), Risk Catalogue, Risk Appetite Framework (RAF) and Risk Planning.

CaixaBank Group’s Internal Control Framework is aligned with best practices and regulatory standards, including the EBA’s Guidelines on Internal Governance. The framework provides reasonable assurance that the Group will achieve its objectives and it is structured on the Three Lines of Defence model.

For more information on Risk Management and its Governance and control system, consult the sections Pillar 3 report and Risk committee.