Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Risk Management

The CaixaBank Group has an efficient risk governance, management and control system, aligned with its business model, its stakeholders' expectations and international best practices.

Adequate risk management is essential for the business of any credit institution, especially for entities mainly involved in retail banking such as CaixaBank.

Risk culture in the CaixaBank Group has always constituted an differentiating factor in decision-making and business management. This culture, along with its risk policies and infrastructure and the skills of its human resources, has resulted in maintaining a moderate risk profile and outstanding solvency on the Spanish market.

CaixaBank Group's Internal Control Framework is aligned with best practices and regulatory standards, including the Guidelines on Internal Governance of the EBA, of 26 September 2017. The aforementioned Framework provides a reasonable degree of security in the achievement of the Group's objectives, based on the "three lines of defence” model.

The risk governance, management and control system implemented by the CaixaBank Group consists of the following elements:

risk governance, management and control system

For more information on Risk Management and its Governance and control system, consult the sections Information of prudential relevance (Pilar III) and Risk committee.