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Corporate Governance and remuneration policy

Management of Risk

Adequate risk management is essential for the business of any credit institution, especially one like CaixaBank, which mainly operates in retail banking and considers the confidence of its customers to be a core value.

Risk control is fully ingrained in the business and the Entity plays a proactive role in ensuring that it is implemented. Senior Management participates directly in maintaining the internal control framework, ensuring that it is executed prudently, and in the ongoing capital management and planning to guarantee the level of capital available is in keeping with the Entity’s risk level. The risk management system is comprehensive and consolidated at corporate level. This way, its sets a risk profile that is aligned with the Group’s strategic objectives.

The Risk Management System itself comprises the following elements:

  • The Risk Culture which, inter alia, involves general risk management principles, employee training and the involvement of the General Risks Division in other HR processes related to the business areas
  • The Governance Structure and the Organisation
  • Corporate Risk Map
  • The Risk Appetite Framework approved by the Board of Directors in 2014
  • The Internal Control Framework

For more information on Risk Management, refer to the Pilar III section.