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Our identity

CaixaBank is the leading retail bank in Spain, with the largest customer base, a robust balance sheet and a culture drawing on deeply ingrained values. Following the acquisition of the Portuguese bank BPI, the CaixaBank Group has consolidated its leading position in retail banking in Spain and Portugal as a whole. Its business model is based on specialisation, with a tailor-made value proposition for each segment.

CaixaBank seeks to be recognised as setting itself apart through its socially responsible banking model. Its priorities include: achieving exacting quality of service standards; a firm commitment to mobility and digitalisation; its capacity for innovation; and its proximity and robust financial position.

 Letter from the Chairman 

 Letter from the CEO 

Source: 2017 Integrated Corporate Report


Shareholder structure

With a 40% interest in CaixaBank’s capital, CriteriaCaixa, a holding company solely owned by the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation, is the bank’s core shareholder. CaixaBank’s free float capital is held by over 605,000 shareholders, with around 70% of this in the hands of institutional investors.

For more information on Shareholder structure, see section on Capital Distribution

(*) Source: 2017 Integrated Corporate Report

Prudential deconsolidation from CriteriaCaixa


Following the reorganisation of the “la Caixa” Group in 2011, CriteriaCaixa became the controlling shareholder of CaixaBank and the parent of the Group for prudential purposes.

In 2016, a roadmap was agreed with the supervisor that planned for CriteriaCaixa to lose its status as the controlling shareholder and CaixaBank to become the parent of the banking group, before year-end 20171.

In September 2017, the European Central Bank recognised the deconsolidation of CaixaBank from CriteriaCaixa for prudential purposes. In its decision, the ECB considered that CriteriaCaixa no longer exercised control or a dominant interest over CaixaBank, because:

  • Criteria holds no more than 40% of CaixaBank.
  • CaixaBank’s Board of Directors has a majority of independent directors.
  • A lead director has been appointed from the independent directors.
  • There is no significant funding between the CaixaBank and CriteriaCaixa Groups.

Therefore, CaixaBank has become the parent company of the financial conglomerate, and is classified as a significant supervised entity2.

The gradual reduction in CriteriaCaixa’s holding over recent years has resulted in an increased free float and a more diversified shareholder base for CaixaBank, and greater liquidity in the market for its shares.

1. Significant event filing 239132 published in the CNMV on 26 May 2016.
2. Significant event filing 256741 published in the CNMV on 26 September 2017.

Source: 2017 Integrated Corporate Report


Source: 2017 Integrated Corporate Report

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Warning: The above-mentioned information is that available in the 2017 Intergrated Corporate Report. For specific and subsequent information, please consult the corresponding sections of CaixaBank's corporate website.