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Enrique Goñi Beltrán de Garizurieta

Enrique Goñi Beltrán de Garizurieta.


Enrique Goñi Beltrán de Garizurieta


Member of the Board of Directors of CaixaBank since 2012.

Enrique Goñi holds a Degree in Law from the University of Navarra and a PADE from IESE. He studied Strategic Management at the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and at the Harvard Business School.

He started working at Barclays Bank and then became Deputy General Director and Managing Director of the MutuAvenit group of companies.
In 1996, he joined Agrupación Mutua as Deputy Director and, in 1998, he was appointed Assistant General Director of the Group.

In 2000, he was appointed General Director of the Corporate Business Group of Caja Navarra and, since 2002, he has been General Director of Caja de Ahorros de Navarra.

In 2010, together with the directors of Caja Canarias and Caja Burgos, he founded and became the Executive Chairman of the Banca Cívica Group, which was later joined by Caja Sol. Enrique Goñi has been Co-Chairman and CEO of the Banca Cívica Group and Managing Director of Caja Navarra.

Goñi has read more than a hundred papers at various forums, universities and congresses. He has recently been the guest lecturer at the George Mason University (Virginia), Columbia University (NY), the Open University of Berlin and the IESE of Barcelona.

He is a member of various expert committees, including Plan Moderna and the talent management think tank Innovarh. He is also founder of Saviálogos, an encounter between the worlds of business and knowledge.

In recent years, Enrique Goñi and Caja Navarra have been given numerous awards, including the Business and Society Award 2008, the Best CSR Solution according to Forética in 2007 and the Hallmark of Innovation in Financial Services 2009.

Last updated: 30 September 2012

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