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Management Committee

Jorge Fontanals

Head of Resources

Jorge Fontanals (Barcelona, 1958) has been a member of CaixaBank’s Management Committee since July 2014.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and Management and completed an AMP – Advanced Management Program at the ESADE Business School.

From 2011 until his appointment as Head of Resources he served as Corporate Manager of IT Services at CaixaBank, prior to which he was head of Multichannel Information Systems.

Before that, he was Deputy General Manager of Architecture and Infrastructure and Head of IT Architecture at SILK.

Going back further, he served as Head of Architecture, Head of the Branch Channel and Head of Information Systems for Channels. He also held various positions in the technical realm, including department head at ”la Caixa” at various points in time.

He was General Manager at e-CT MultiCaixa, Head of Organisation and Systems at e-laCaixa and Account Manager at EDS España and TecnoCaixa.

He currently sits on the boards of the following companies: CaixaBank Facilities Management, S.A., SILK Aplicaciones, S.L.U., and SILC Immobles, S.A.

Last update: December 2019