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Presence in associations and work forums

CaixaBank is member and participates in a wide variety of associations, working groups and forums in which it contributes and fosters initiatives involving development in several fields, including finance and banking, environmental sustainability, innovation and digitalization, or the promotion of research and security, among others. These initiatives are not circumscribed only to the development of the financial sector and the economic growth, since they also contribute to the strengthening of society as a whole.

The evolution of CaixaBank's annual contributions to these initiatives in the last four years is detailed below.

Annual contributions

Amounts expressed in thousands of Euros

2019 2018 2017 2016
2,768 2,773 2,883 2,935

2019 largest industry contributions: CECA (€ 1,151,546), IIIF (€ 164,850) and ESBG-WSBI (€ 114,129)

Major initiatives
to which 2.8 million euros were devoted in 2019:

Banking and finance

Chambers of commerce and employers' association


Innovation and research

Security and cybersecurity