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About the Share price…

Where can I check the price of the CaixaBank share?

You can find CaixaBank’s current stock market price on the homepage of our corporate website. You can also view a chart and see the historical performance of the CaixaBank share by heading to the section Quoted price.
You can also subscribe to CaixaBank’s Shareholder Information Service, enabling you to receive our shareholder newsletter and weekly and monthly report on the performance of the CaixaBank share price and the wider financial markets, as well as the latest news about benefits, rewards and initiatives for shareholders.

Where can I buy CaixaBank shares?

You can buy CaixaBank shares through your bank or stock broker. If your bank is CaixaBank, shares can be ordered through CaixaBankNow (provided you have enabled this option) or through your local branch.

What expenses will I incur when buying CaixaBank shares?

If you purchase them through CaixaBank, you will not be charged any bank fees and will pay only the fee charged by the stock exchange.

I want to move my shares to CaixaBank. What do I need to do?

Just pop into any CaixaBank branch and present the latest statement of the securities you are looking to transfer, which must be signed by each holder of the securities named in the contract. CaixaBank will handle all the rest. Once the shares have been transferred, you will enjoy all the benefits granted to CaixaBank shareholders.

Note: the bank or entity from which the securities are transferred will charge a transfer free, which may vary from one entity to another.


About shareholder remuneration...

What is CaixaBank's remuneration policy?

2019 Remuneration
The Board of Directors has agreed to pay a cash dividend for 2019 of 0.07 euros per share, payable on 15 April and equivalent to a pay-out of 24.6%. It is the only shareholder remuneration to be charged to 2019 profits.

2020 Remuneration
The dividend policy for 2020 has been modified and will now consist of a cash dividend of no more than 30% of reported consolidated net profit.
The Board of Directors has also announced future plans to distribute any capital that exceeds the CET1 capital adequacy ratio of 12% as a final dividend and/or the repurchase of shares. This extraordinary pay-out of excess capital will be conditional upon the macroeconomic situation in which the Group operates returning to normal and will not take place in any event before 2021.
For more information on upcoming dividend payments and shareholder remuneration in general, be sure to visit Shareholder remuneration on the website.

How does CaixaBank give notice of remuneration periods?

Each remuneration package must be approved by CaixaBank’s Board of Directors.Each remuneration package must be approved by CaixaBank’s Board of Directors.Once approved, the process is as follows:

  • Notice to the Spanish securities market regulator (CNMV) of the corresponding communication.
  • Publication of the communication submitted to CNMV on the CaixaBank corporate website.
  • Notification to CaixaBank shareholders:
    • Shareholders who hold their shares at CaixaBank will be notified via email, SMS or an alert on the CaixaBankNow app (depending on the contact details they have given).
    • Announcements will be posted on Twitter (@AccionistasCABK) on the relevant remuneration dates.
    • Announcements included in the weekly and monthly share performance reports. Subscribe to receive these reports with all the latest news on the company.


About tax...

Personal income tax for the common territory (i.e. excluding the regions of Spain subject to special tax laws)

How are dividends taxed?

Gross dividend income is included in the savings tax base of the personal income tax return for the year in which that income is received.

Applicable tax rates for the common territory of Spain in relation to the savings tax base are as follows for 2019 and following years(*):

2019 and following years (*):
19% on the first 6,000 euros.
21% on the net tax base of up to 50,000 euros.
23% on any excess beyond 50,000 euros.

A tax withholding of 19% is applied to all dividend income.

(*): Subject to future regulatory changes.


Shareholder information...

How can I stay up to date with CaixaBank?

CaixaBank provides shareholders with the following information resources:

  • CaixaBank Weekly report: with information on the economy, the weekly share price performance and other corporate information of interest.
  • CaixaBank Monthly report: with information on the share's monthly performance, the main indicators and a summary of the period's key economic developments.
  • CaixaBank Shareholders' Newsletter: with the monthly performance of share price and financial markets, the bank's corporate information  and the latest news about advantages and initiatives for shareholders.
  • The Shareholder Handbook: it contains information on the activity of CaixaBank, its strategy, governing bodies, main results, the company's dividend policy and a general section that explains what it means to be a shareholder.
  • SMS and e-mail alerts on matters of interest: shareholder remuneration, Annual General Meeting, etc

Shareholders with shares deposited in the bank and with e-mail and mobile telephone number reported receive the CaixaBank Shareholder newsletter and the corporate alerts by e-mail and by SMS. You can only receive the weekly and the monthly reports by subscription.

If you do not receive any of the services mentioned, you can subscribe to those which are of interest to you through the Shareholder information service.

Where should I give notice of a change in my personal data?

CaixaBank shareholders and customers

The personal data used to send information to shareholders are effectively the data you provided as a customer of CaixaBank through the CaixaBankNow service or the branch network. Shareholders will need to use the same channels (CaixaBankNow or CaixaBank branches) when amending any of their information so as to ensure that their data remain confidential and are processed in strict compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Act.

CaixaBank non-customer shareholders

CaixaBank will rely on the information given to it by the entity at which the non-customer shareholder holds their shares when sending information to that shareholder by post. 

Subscribers of the Shareholder Information Service

To modify, amend or erase the data you originally provided when subscribing, or if you are now looking to arrange new services, please be sure to contact the Shareholder Information Service to provide your new contact details.

How can shareholders contact CaixaBank?

CaixaBank provides shareholders with the following channels:

Contact form
Telephone: 902 11 05 82 (In Spain) / + 34 935 82 98 03

Shareholders can use these channels to request information or submit queries regarding the Bank, the share price, shareholder remuneration, initiatives aimed at shareholders, or any other matter of interest.

CaixaBank also has a Shareholder Office, where shareholders can receive personalised support from our Investor Relations team.


Benefits for CaixaBank shareholders

What benefits do CaixaBank shareholders have?

CaixaBank provides exclusive advantages and benefits for its shareholders in thanks for the trust placed in the bank:

Financial advantages:

  • Exemption from bank fees for the custody of CaixaBank shares deposited in CaixaBank.
  • CaixaBank Shareholder card with no maintenance fee and discounts. To apply for the card, you must hold at least 1,000 CaixaBank shares.
  • 15% discount on new SegurCaixa Auto insurance policies for shareholders with shares deposited at Caixabank. Available at any CaixaBank office or through CaixaBankNow. The discount is applied automatically to the price of the insurance premium.

Information on company:

  • Free reports on share price performance, the company and markets by e-mail.
  • SMS alerts on significant company events: General Shareholders' Meeting, shareholder remuneration, etc.
  • CaixaBank Shareholders' Newsletter, a monthly digital publication which is sent by e-mail with the aim of informing shareholders of the share price performance and financial markets and to communicate the latest most significant news on a corporate level.

Training and cultural events:

  • Training resources, including our Tax guide for shareholders and the ‘Aula’ comic.
  • Interactive training through the CaixaBank corporate website, with educational material such as introductory courses on the stock market, reference manuals, monographic data sheets and useful links.
  • Face-to-face courses on economics and finance held in the main cities of Spain. You must hold at least 1,000 CaixaBank shares to attend the courses.
  • Cultural events and activities held at the various CaixaForum centres around the country.
  • Online seminars (webinars) related to the world of finance and the economy, each lasting thirty minutes and delivered by expert teachers.
  • Aula Talks is a new financial training initiative where expert instructors and educators stream brief talks on matters relating to finance and economics.  

Discounts, exclusive offers and competitions:

  • 6% discount on the purchase or rental of Servihabitat properties for Caixabank shareholders with at least 1,000 shares deposited in CaixaBank for at least 6 months.
  • Exclusive leisure and travel offers with discounts.
  • Regular competitions with attractive prizes.

You can find all information available in the section Advantages for Shareholders, within the Shareholder Services Area of the corporate website.


About the Annual General Meeting...

For information on Annual General Meeting, please visit the section Annual General Meeting.

Note: the answers given to the above questions are intended for guidance purposes only and are subject at all times to prevailing law and regulations (By-laws and the Spanish Corporate Enterprises Act).