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Shareholder Services

Remuneration of Shareholders

2018 Remuneration

Remuneration for the year 2018 is planned as follows:

  • Payment of two cash dividends

  • Half-yearly

  • Once this dividend has been settled, total remuneration corresponding to the 2018 Fiscal Year will have amounted to 0.17€ gross per share, equivalent to a pay-out of 51% of consolidated net income, which is in line with the 2015-18 Strategic Plan.


€0.07 /share

€0.10 /share (*)

* Payment subject to Annual General Meeting approval.

2019 Remuneration

In compliance with current dividends policy, remuneration for the year 2019 is planned as follows:

  • Single cash payment

  • Yearly (April)

  • In line with the 2019-21 Strategic Plan, CaixaBank reiterates its intention to remunerate shareholders by distributing an amount in cash greater than 50% of consolidated net attributable income, with a cap for Fiscal Year 2019 of 60% of consolidated net income.

For more information on Shareholder Remuneration, see section on Dividends and dividend policy in Policies and other Corporate documents.