Sustainable business

Leading sustainable banking and committed to the energy transition and social development

At CaixaBank, we have been contributing value to society for over a hundred years and we currently have a fundamental role in channelling resources. As members of UNEP FI and the Collective Commitment to Climate Action we are working to mobilise private sector funding for sustainable development and align our business strategy with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Principles for Responsible Banking, with a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Priority SDGs:

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Sustainable financing, investment and saving

The incorporation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria in our activity, together with traditional financial and risk criteria, allows us to offer our customers long-term financing, investment and savings products that contribute to preventing and mitigating climate change and to driving the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy and social development, all in line with our sustainable banking model.


Investment and long-term savings

Activity linked to sustainable business

At CaixaBank, we are committed to sustainability through the design and marketing of products and services that incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria and drive the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and social development. Our specialist teams are at the service of customers and advise them in areas such as infrastructure, energy, sustainable financing, real estate, agriculture, business banking and private banking.

ESG advice for companies

Through our Institutional and Corporate Banking Structured Finance-Sustainable Finance division, we offer ESG advice to help customers to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan and adapt their financing to the specific needs of their path to decarbonisation.

Social Value Project in Private Banking

We have a specialised unit that offers our Private Banking customers a comprehensive solution to their needs in the field of philanthropy.

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Inclusive finance

In line with our social responsibility and vocation, we design and adapt financial products and services to the circumstances of the most vulnerable. We have social accounts that allow access to basic financial services, facilitating direct payment of social benefits and access to employment.

Our commitment to mobilising resources to support sustainable financing and promote the transition to a carbon-neutral and socially equitable economy has earned us recognition from the following institutions: