Our model

We are a socially responsible bank, with a business model based on sustainable profit and a management approach based on our core values: quality, trust and social commitment.

We are and we want to continue to be a socially-engaged bank that is at the service of people, always seeking a positive impact from our activities.

  • Por nuestros orígenes:

    Because of our roots:

    Social responsibility and commitment are in our DNA. We have been dedicated from the beginning to the social and economic development of our territories and the well-being of people.

  • Por nuestra actuación responsable

    Because of our responsible action:

    We are a benchmark in responsible management. We endeavour to offer the best customer experience with transparency, integrity, and best governance and management practices.

  • Por nuestro compromiso social

    Because of our social commitment:

    We are a bank with social vocation, encouraging saving and financial planning, financial inclusion and education, as well as undertaking activities and projects that contribute to social progress.

Socially Responsible Banking Plan

We have an Action Plan comprising 5 areas of action:

  • Integrity, transparency and diversity, to strengthen our socially responsible activities.
  • Governance, to uphold best practices in corporate governance.
  • Environment, to support the fight against climate change and the sustainability of the planet.
  • Financial inclusion, to help ensure people's financial well-being.
  • Social action and voluntary work, to respond to the social challenges of our environment.

This action plan is complemented with a Dissemination Plan to promote all our activities among our customers, employees and shareholders with transparency and integrity, as well as with a Dialogue Plan, which allows us to identify new needs in society and thus to generate new initiatives.

The Socially Responsible Banking Plan is aligned with our Strategic Plan 19-21.

Action plan

Social projects and volunteering

Integrity, transparency and diversity



Financial inclusion

Dissemination plan

Costumers and society


Analysts and investors

Dialog plan

Peers, Think Tanks, Influencers and Referents

Society and others groups

The plan complies with ESG (Environmental • Social • Governance) criteria

Priorities 2019 - 2021
Integrity, Transparency and Diversity
  • Boost of transparency initiatives with customers
  • Strengthen an upstanding attitude
  • Maintain support for the dissemination of diversity issues and consolidate the Wengage programme
  • Consolidate the governance of corporate responsibility from the  Group perspective
  • Measure production with a social or positive environmental impact and incorporate ESG criteria in the business
  • Consolidate the management, measurement and monitoring of reputational risk
  • Promote green production and issue sustainable bonds
  • Advance in the measurement and management of environmental and climate risk
  • Implement the Environmental and Energy Management Plan and renew certifications
Financial inclusion
  • Promote investment with a social impact

  • Strengthen and develop the Financial Culture Plan
  • Maintain positioning in proximity and reinforce accessibility
Social welfare and volunteer projects
  • Maintain the promotion of Decentralized Social Works, with a focus on capillarity
  • Consolidate the Corporate Volunteering Plan
  • Promote cooperation with "la Caixa" programmes
Governance - ESG
  • 1. Integrity, transparency and diversity
  • 2. Governance
Indicator 2018 2019 2020 Objective 2021
% employees with variable remuneration linked to quality of service 99.2% 99.2% 99.2% -
% of responsible policies (1) revised every 18 months 100% 100% 75% 100%
% of women in managerial positions (2) 39.9% 41.3% 41.6% 43%

(1) CSR Policy, Human Rights Policy, Defense Policy and Environmental Management Policy. 

(2) Management positions from large branch management position.

Environmental - ESG
  • 3. Environment
Indicator 2018 2019 2020 Objective 2021
% reduction in energy consumption (r/2015) 9% 13% 18.8% 15%
% reduction in CO2 emissions (r/2015) 38% 50% 63% 34%
% contratacting with environmental criteria/total with significant environmental impact - 50% 75% 100%


Social - ESG
  • 4. Financial inclusion
  • 5. Social projects and volunteering
Indicator 2018 2019 2020 Objective 2021
New MicroBank credits awarded (MM ) 773 725 1,625 2,181
Population in small municipalities (< 5k inhabitants) covered by office or agent (%) 33.8% 33.5% 33.1% 40%
Volunteers who have taken part in at least 4 activities in the last 12 months 2,256 2,473 1,825 3,000

Data at the end of 2020