Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee

Corporate social responsibility can be found in the background of the daily management of the bank and its global strategy and, due to its transversal nature, has an impact on all areas. It is based on the principles of transparency and good practices which preside over good corporate governance.

It has the support and involvement of senior management and other members of the organisation in its development, and as a corporate commitment.

As an indicator of its importance to the bank, there is a body with specific duties, the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee:

  • It defines, implements and oversees all our corporate responsibility policies, among other things.
  • It is a top-tier committee as it is delegated by the Steering Committee and reports directly to it, and is linked to the Steering Committee though the Chairmanship. Its mission is to contribute to CaixaBank being recognised for its excellent reputation, strengthening its position though its model of socially responsible banking.