Adaptive sports

Our sponsorship of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) arises from our commitment to diversity and inclusion in sport. And above all, from the desire to accompany our sportsmen and women towards the goal, a path full of shared values such as effort, dedication and the spirit of achievement.


All sportsmen and women fight to improve each day and to meet their challenges. But some struggle against something more. They fight to turn an "it is not possible" into a "if I want to, I can". To transform adversities into strengths. To demonstrate every day that in sport there are no limits, rather goals to achieve.

They are the non-conformists of sport, and at CaixaBank we are by their side so that they continue to be so.

Our support for the Spanish Paralympic Team is a commitment to sportsmen and women and to their values of effort, sacrifice and perseverance; it is the will to accompany them on the way to the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic games and to help them to attain their goals.

  • Eva Moral

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Ricardo Ten

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Sarai Gascón

    Paralympic Sportswoman

"20 for 20" - Committed until the finishing line

At CaixaBank, we join the paralympic family, creating "The 20 for 20" programme: twenty months to achieve twenty challenges.

A countdown that started with the signing of the agreement between CaixaBank and the Spanish Paralympic Committee, in January 2019 and that ended with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Twenty challenges to grant visibility to Spanish paralympic sport and to help it to occupy the place that it deserves.

Due to the postponement of the Games, we have maintained this programme, which has ended after the 20 months have elapsed.

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"20 for 20" programme summary

Let's talk about values

Our sportsmen and women embody values that inspire us and grant us momentum in times of crisis and challenges as great as those that we are living today.

Their lives are full of circumstances in which they have had to learn values to move forward: (succeeding, teamwork, perseverance, confidence, camaraderie, etc.).

  • Desirée Vila

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Nuria Marquès

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Eva Moral

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Gerard Descarrega

    Paralympic Sportswoman

  • Álex S. Palomero

    Paralympic Sportswoman

CaixaBank facilitates the participation of paralympic sportsmen and women in official FEDDF competitions

At CaixaBank, we facilitate the participation of 1,300 sportsmen and women with physical disabilities in official FEDDF competitions.

As the Official Bank, we cover the registration fees for the sportsmen and women in the 14 specialisms in their national calendar: athletics, wheelchair basketball, boccia, alpine skiing, snowboarding, slalom, electric wheelchair hockey, swimming, wheelchair paddle tennis, powerlifting, wheelchair rugby, Olympic shooting, Olympic pit (clay pigeon shooting) and football for amputees.

In this way, the registration fee for the Spanish Championships - senior, by clubs and by regional teams - Spanish Cups and National Leagues that the Autonomous Federations, Clubs and Sports Entities or sportsmen or women, depending on the case, pay to the FEDDF, shall be fully financed by the bank to support the participation of sportsmen and women with physical disabilities in the state competitive activity organised by the FEDDF.