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The new rules for digital banking. Winning over millennials, with David Urbano

The Banker Masterclass: The new rules for digital banking - David Urbano, head of imaginBank

In the fifth and final chapter of the Masterclass series by CaixaBank, David Urbano, head of imaginBank, analyses the millennial generation and the role that social media plays in attracting this type of public.

The millennial generation consists of the group of people born between 1981 and 2001, the first digital natives. They are users who are 100% digitally committed; who seek to carry out tasks quickly and easily. Four years ago, CaixaBank created imaginBank in order to meet this need.

Today imaginBank has already met its original goals in terms of both user volume and quality. With one million active users, it relies on one of the highest ranking applications in app stores, based on user experience and transparency, and which offers its customers a personalised list of products.

Social media has been essential in ensuring the success of imaginBank; through imaginBank’s different platforms it is able to listen to customers, respond to their needs and assist them in their day-to-day lives. On that same note, imaginBank also relies on imaginCafé, its physical space in Barcelona. It is a place created to bring young people together and share cultural experiences, but it is also the stage through which imaginBank is able to show its projects to the world.

Finally, the experience gained through imaginBank has also helped to optimize CaixaBank´s own processes and services, which in many of its areas are already 100% digital.

This interview is the fifth and final episode of the Masterclass series by The Banker “The new rules for digital banking”.