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Innovation to fuel recovery: Tech response to Covid-19, with Pere Nebot

Innovation to fuel recovery: Tech response to Covid-19, with Pere Nebot

In the final chapter of CaixaBank’s Masterclass series in collaboration with The Banker magazine, Pere Nebot, CaixaBank’s CIO, discusses how digitalisation and investing in IT capacities helps banks to be more resilient when unexpected shocks arise. 

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, almost 100% of CaixaBank staff had to start working remotely with no previous experience at such a scale. In the last decade, CaixaBank has made significant investments in providing mobility and work-from-home tools to their employees, which proved crucial in order to respond rapidly to the crisis and ultimately enable employees to focus their efforts on staying safe, while continuing to serve customers’ needs. 

Investments in technologies that allow flexibility such as cloud computing, as well as partnerships with world-class technology partners with economies of scale that are more costly for banks to invest in alone, were also a crucial element to help CaixaBank remain resilient, as well as continue to innovate in terms of products and services that meet new customer needs arisen from the pandemic. 

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