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Comercia Global Payments invests in start-up Shoppiday to support the development of innovative services for shops

Juan Luis Rico, Ricardo Ruiz and Víctor Guardiola

● Comercia Global Payments, a joint venture between CaixaBank and Global Payments, is the market leader in services to shops, with a market share of 27% in terms of POS turnover and 32% in e-commerce.

● Shoppiday has created an application that allows consumers to earn money with their purchases, and shops to build more loyalty among their customers.

Comercia Global Payments, the joint venture between CaixaBank and Global Payments, has acquired a 28% interest in the start-up Shoppiday. Shoppiday develops new technologies that can help stores, whether online or physical, to increase sales.

Shoppiday, created in Barcelona in 2017 by entrepreneurs Juan Luis Rico, Ricardo Ruiz and Víctor Guardiola, has developed an application that awards consumers by refunding them part of the money from their purchases in physical or virtual stores, and helps businesses build loyalty among their customers. The business model is known internationally as cashback, which various start-ups have successfully implemented in the United States and other European countries.

In Spain, Shoppiday is the reference company for cashback. It currently has 750 online customers, including eBay, Vueling and Booking, and more than 900 physical stores across nine Spanish cities. Since it was created, Shoppiday has managed a transaction volume of 2.8 million euros.

The Shoppiday application is very simple to use. The consumer downloads the app to their mobile phone, registers as a user and links a debit or credit card to their profile. From this point, whenever they make a purchase with the application in a physical or virtual store affiliated to Shoppiday, the customer accumulates money in their personal profile. This balance can be spent on new purchases in establishments indicated by Shoppiday whenever the customer wants, or can be transferred to their bank account, free of charge.

Commitment to collaborating with technology start-ups

Comercia Global Payments investment in Shoppiday will allow Shoppiday to implement better technologies, help the team to drive growth and increase investment to attract new users and stores. Furthermore, Comercia Global Payments will study the model, technology and working methodology of Shoppiday to drive new innovations in its own range of products and services for shops.

With its investment in Shoppiday, Comercia Global Payments is maintaining its commitment to collaborating with technology start-ups, with a view to offer added-value services and cutting-edge solutions to stores, and to improve customer experience. Previously in 2018, Comercia Global Payments partnered with the fintech Socialpay to innovate in payment solutions for new business models.

About Comercia Global Payments

The mission of Comercia Global Payments is to provide the highest quality payment management service in the world, through strong alliances and a generous commitment to our clients and our employees. As a subsidiary company of CaixaBank and Global Payments, Comercia Global Payments maintains the objectives of both through offering the best and most complete payment management service to the greatest number of clients and intermediaries to meet their needs with flexibility and adaptation. Innovation, continuous improvement, and surpassing our clients' expectations are among the values that govern our company. These fundamental values and action principles of Comercia Global Payments stand as the benchmark for the whole organization and the key to our management model.

CaixaBank, a reference of innovation in the financial sector

CaixaBank is the leading company in retail banking in Spain, with a market penetration among private customers at 29.3%. Technology and digitalisation support the company's business model, which continues to strengthen its leadership in digital banking, with the largest base of digital customers in Spain: 6 million (57.3% are private customers in Spain), of which 5.2 million are also mobile banking customers. According to Comscore, the bank holds the highest absorption share in its market in the world. Furthermore, CaixaBank has a market share by card billing at 23.3%.

Thanks to its innovation support strategy, CaixaBank is now among the most valued banks in the world for the quality of its digital services and commitment to digital transformation. In 2018, the bank was named “Best Digital Bank in Western Europe” by the specialised publications Euromoney and Global Finance. Similarly, CaixaBank's mobile banking application has been recognised by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) and British magazine The Banker, which chose it as the best technology project of 2018 in the 'mobile' category.