Adaptive sports

All athletes battle tirelessly to outperform themselves and rise to their challenges. But some fight for even more. They work to make “the impossible” attainable. To transform adversities into strengths. To demonstrate time and again that there are no limitations in sport, only goals to be achieved.

These are the nonconformists of sport.

And CaixaBank stands by them every step of the way.

Our backing for the Spanish Paralympic Team represents a commitment to its athletes and the principles of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. It is our pledge to support these sports men and women all the way to achieving their ambitions at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Steadfast to the finishing line

Our long-term commitment is exemplified by the “20 in 20” project: twenty challenges to be achieved in twenty months.

The countdown began with the signing of an agreement between CaixaBank and the Spanish Paralympic Committee (January 2019) and will culminate at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. These are 20 challenges with a single goal in mind: to raise the profile of Spanish Paralympic sport to the position it deserves.